We will encapsulate your crawlspace with an affordable,  highest quality vapor barrier creating a healthy crawlspace environment for your home.

Should I Encapsulate The Crawlspace or Leave The Vents Open

When a house with a crawlspace is built, vents are installed to try to dry the crawlspace out.  Hot humid air enters the crawl space in the summer months and creates condensation on the cooler surfaces. In the winter months, cold air enters the crawlspace and makes the house colder than it needs to be resulting in increased moisture levels year round.

Even crawlspaces built today continue to have very high moisture levels. As the air  enters the crawlspace through the vents, the crawlspace air is drawn upstairs through the living area until it is exits the house through the attic’s cracks and crevices. This is known as the stack effect.

Crawlspaces are a dark constant source of moisture. The moisture can create a very unhealthy crawlspace environment if uncorrected leading to:

  1. Structural damage from rotted wood floor joists and load carrying beams.

  2. Health issues from mold, mildew, or bacteria from insect’s waste.

  3. Insect infestation and damage to the structure, the HVAC components, and the electrical and plumbing systems.

Leading industry experts recommend that an encapsulated or closed crawlspace is better and much healthier than an open or vented one since 50 percent of your crawlspace air will make it up into your living area. 

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